All receivers are programmable to enable the user to ensure that only selected message types are displayed/printed. Almost each message type from A to Z could be set in any of two modes:
- RECEIVE mode - message types are displayed/printed (accepted),
- IGNORE mode - message types are not displayed/printed (rejected).

Message types A, B and D usually cannot be rejected (IMO recommendations indicate that message category L should not be rejected also).

All message types are usually set in RECEIVE mode by default.

Practice on NAVTEX receiver simulator

Go to NAVTEX Mode -> Filter View -> 518 Types Page or NAVTEX Mode -> Filter View -> 490 Types Page.
NAVTEX receiver enables the use of 5 different filter settings, i.e. Presets 1 to 5. Active preset may be changed by pressing PRESET softkey. Once a preset is selected, the filter settings for that preset may be changed as required. The filter setting for the active preset will be applied when NAVTEX messages are next viewed.

To change any setting navigate to it and press RIGHT/LEFT navigation key.

The filter value for each message type can be set to one of the following:
  • On - message type always displayed,
  • Off - message type never displayed,
  • New - messages type only displayed when new - messages marked as read will not appear.

Setting up message type A - Nav Warnings to New and message type L - Nav Warnings to On - after that marking messages of message type A as read causes disappear them