All theory about NAVTEX receiver and practical operations within the course are shown on the NAVTEX RECEIVER simulator of McMurdo's NAVTEX receiver NAV 6 Plus. Here are some basic information about the simulator that should be considered.

nav 6
NAVTEX NAV 6 Plus simulator screenshot

The simulator ilustrates:
  1. The display.
  2. The keypad.
  3. NAVTEX transmission simulation. Beside the button is written the information about the next transmission which is simulated on button press.

The Display

At the bottom of the display is the softkey menu area. The softkey menu area shows what each softkey does in the current operating mode.


The top line of each softkey menu box indicates the option that is currently selected. The bottom line of each softkey menu box indicates the current function of that softkey.

At the top of the display is a status bar.


The status information os displayed as a series of icons. The meaning of the icons is as follows:


NAVTEX receiver simulator is working as it would be connected with a GPS receiver, so having GPS position data available!

The Keypad

Centre keys are a "navigation pad" (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT). Softkeys are situated on either side of the navigation pad. The current function is shown on the softkey menu area at the bottom of the Display.
The MODE softkey switches between the three operating modes (NAVTEX, SETUP and NAVIGATE - the last mode is not supported in the simulator as it has nothing to do with NAVTEX).
The VIEW softkey switches between views in each operating mode. If a view has several pages associated with it then these are selected with the PAGE softkey.
Operate the keys in this order to get to the function that you want:
Softkeys are context sensitive and cyclical in operation; several button presses will return you to the start of the cycle. As the button is pressed, the softkey labels change to show the current functions of the keys.

NAVTEX transmission simulation

NAVTEX simulator is simulating the NAVTEX receiver located in the Adriatic sea.
The position of the NAVTEX receiver is at 43050'00''N 13035'00''E (black dot)

That means that only three CRSs are in range: Trieste, Split and Roma, while the Trieste CRS is the nearest. All of them are transmitting only International NAVTEX on 518 kHz MF. NAVTEX simulator supports all transmissions from mentioned three CRSs.

Menu navigation

NAVTEX simulator may be in almost any of many modes, views, pages or functions as it is shown in the following picture.

Menu navigation

The mode, view, page or function in which NAVTEX simulator should be switched, will be in all the following chapters represented by the patern:
"mode name" Mode -> "view name" View -> "page name" Page -> "function name" Function,
for example: NAVTEX Mode -> Sort View -> Ascending Order -> Type criteria

All functionality except NAVTEX Mode -> Print View, Navigate Mode, Setup Mode -> NAVTEX View -> Monitro Page and Setup Mode -> Navigate View is supported in NAVTEX simulator.
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