The SafetyNET system is used for the transmission of MSI. With SafetyNET it is possible within this EGC system to reach all ships in a specific area by one single transmission from the shore. The transmission of EGC MSI messages will be used to cover the areas between 700 North and 700 South outside the coverage of a NAVTEX station.

The operational structure of the SafetyNET system

SafetyNET messages (EGC MSI messages) will be received by all vessels carrying this equipment that are logged in to the right satellite that broadcasts MSI for these international NAVAREA/METAREAs. The receiving terminals will only show the message if this is relevant. Whether this is relevant depends on the present position information and programming of the terminal. For example, sailing in a position within NAVAREA I, logged on to the AOR-E satellite and the terminal will receive a message addressed to NAVAREA III. In this case the terminal will not show this message.

Map of coverage of Inmarsat satellites and NAVAREAs

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