Enhanced Group Call (EGC) service is a part of the GMDSS system for the transmission of maritime safety information (MSI) in areas where the NAVTEX service is not available. These messages could be e.g. Navigational warnings, Meteorological warnings, Meteorological forecasts and Search And Rescue messages. The EGC service uses the Inmarsat C system for broadcasting these messages. The Enhanced Group Call (EGC) service is used for the transmission of messages to a group of ships or to ships in a specified area via the Inmarsat satellites.
For the reception of EGC messages an Inmarsat C terminal will be used. A printer will be connected to this terminal for printing the received messages. These messages will also be stored in a log file on the terminal and can be displayed on the terminal screen. For the use of the Inmarsat C terminal, refer to the Inmarsat chapter.

The EGC messages can be divided into two categories known as:
SafetyNET and FleetNET will be explained in the following chapters.

Basic concept of the EGC services SafetyNET and FleetNET.

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