Messages displayed on the NAVTEX receiver may be usually:
  • scrolled by some criteria, e.g. next and next new,
  • sorted by some criteria, e.g. by CRS identifier, by message type and by date
  • marked as read - sometimes it is useful to know which messages have been received since your last look at the display.
All the above functions help the NAVTEX receiver-user to control even an exhaustive number of received messages.

Practise on the NAVTEX receiver simulator

Scrolling and marking
Go to NAVTEX Mode -> Message View. Use the navigation pad to scroll through any previously received messages that are already shown in the display. UP and DOWN keys scroll line by line, while LEFT and RIGHT keys scroll message by message. Press the Mark Read softkey if you have read the NEW message and want to clear the NEW icon from the message header. Press the Next New softkey to move on to the next NEW message.

Go to NAVTEX Mode -> Sort View. From within this view different sorts of criteria can be applied to change the order of the messages in the display. Press the Critera softkey to switch between sorting by station, type and date. Press the Order softkey to switch between ascending and descending order.

Scrolling to the next new message, marking it as read, further scrolling through messages and sorting them by different sort criteria