NAVTEX receivers usually support audible and visible alarms for a few different events such as a new SAR message event or new message of any other message-type event.

Practise on the NAVTEX receiver simulator

Go to the Setup Mode -> General View, navigate to the Sound settings and press the RIGHT/LEFT navigation key to change the chosen setting. You are able to change:
  • Key Click - beep (On) or not (Off),
  • New Message Alert - beep (On) or not (Off),
  • SAR Alarm - beep 5 times (Timed), beep until cancelled (Repeat) or no beep (Off),
  • LED function - always off (Off) or used as power indicator (On), receive indicator (Rx), SAR indicator (SAR), new message indicator (New).

Setting up NAVTEX receiver to beep on new message and LED to act as a SAR indicator