On the Inmarsat C terminal there are two possibilities of transmitting a Distress Alert: via the hardware by using the Distress button on the transceiver as described in the chapter DISTRESS Alert, or via the software option. The advantage of the "hardware" transmission is that it is easy and quick to operate. The disadvantage of this option is you do not have the opportunity to choose a LES yourself at that moment and you are also not able to select a "nature of Distress".
The software option is a little bit more difficult and a little slower but it offers you the opportunity of selecting the nature of distress and selecting the LES that maybe the best one to offer assistance (e.g. because it is associated with the MRCC responsible in your present area).
Selection of the items mentioned above has to be done in the Distress Message Generator which can be found in the 'Menu Bar' on the top of the screen under Distress. The shortcut (key combination) Alt+D can also be used for faster jump to the distress menu. After preparation of the details you may send the message by pressing on the Distress button for 5 seconds.
Before sending a Distress call, check up on your geographical position and compare it with the position shown on the Inmarsat C device. If necessary correct it manually!
To send messages later on to the same MRCC you can also prepare the text in the editor screen and select Priority Distress in the transmit menu. In the transmit menu the Address will be automatically displayed as 'Search and Rescue', which means the message will be routed automatically from the LES to the associated MRCC (for a list of associated stations see appendix). The transmission of a Distress Alert will never be "password" protected.

Practise on the Inmarsat C simulator

  • Go to 'Distress' in the menu bar by using the arrow keys and press enter.
  • The window will tell you: "this does not send a Distress Alert, it only sets the Distress message, you must use the tranceiver's frontpanel button to send a Distress alert; press any key to continue!
  • Press a key and enter the Distress message generator.
  • Select the prefered LES by touching the space bar, use the arrow keys to select and press 'enter'.
  • When position is ok move to the 'Nature of Distress' by using the arrow keys and select the nature by touching the space bar.
  • Move to 'OK' using the arrow keys, then press 'enter'.
  • Lift the cover to reach the distress button.
  • Send a Distress Alert by pressing the botton on the transceiver for a period of five seconds.
  • During the five seconds the distress button is pressed down the alarm indication light on the transceiver starts blinking and the terminal built- in buzzer starts to beep.
  • After this period of five seconds the indication light will steadily go on and the buzzer will be silent.
  • When the distress alert has been confirmed this will be shown by the alarm indication light going off for a short period every 15 seconds.
  • If the alert is not confirmed the light will turn itself off.
  • The Distress alert will be directly routed to the with the LES associated MRCC.
  • This MRCC will acknowledge the distress alert.

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