Access to the SRC knowledge is limited which doesn’t encourage regular refreshing of knowledge – life-long learning. Keeping the SRC skills up-to-date is crucial as emergencies at sea rarely happen. This knowledge and skills should be refreshed regulary for ensuring safety of the crew, passengers and freight (even though this is not necessarily a legal requirement).

It is for this reason we started with the development of a SRC course using e-learning technology with the purpose that:

  • the access to the SRC course should be free of charge,
  • the SRC course should include real-life animation of GMDSS communication device operation (and conveying to the learner how such a device operates),
  • the SRC course should include GMDSS communication device simulators (putting a learner into an active role - instead of just answering questions, the learner actively practices and verifies their knowledge on a simulator).

Our first course was only concerned with the VHF radio system. It was developed in 2005 and it was called "VHF GMDSS course". Initially, it was only available in Slovenian. It was very popular in its native Slovenia, that it was translated into English at the end of 2005.

Few months after its issue in English, it was chosen as one of best nine e-learning resources (selected from a total of 443 resources) in the "My favourite e-learning resources" contest (16.6.2006 - an European Commission initiative “”).

Meanwhile, a European project called "EGMDSS" with the aim being to upgrade our VHF GMDSS course to an SRC course with translation into 8 languages. At the beginning of 2006, we applied to the European Union Leonardo da Vinci Community Vocational Training Action Programme call for pilot projects with 11 partners from 9 countries. In August 2006, our "EGMDSS" project was successfully approved for EU funding.

The SRC course that you will attend is the result of 3 years work by the Spinaker d.o.o. company. All partners involved in participation through the EU funded part of the project have been involved for 18 months.

The SRC course is continuously being evaluated by professionals. We are sure that the SRC course will suit your needs for:

  • preparing for the SRC (Short Range Certificate) examination,
  • refreshing your knowledge or
  • simply learning how to operate the equipment. Tomaž Gregorič

EGMDSS project manager


Spinaker d.o.o.

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