NAVTEX CRS are part of the WWNWS (World Wide Navigational Warning Service). The WWNWS is a co-ordinated global service for the promulgation of navigational warnings. In GMDSS Sea Area A1 and A2 they are broadcast via NAVTEX system, and outside given areas via SafetyNET system.

Under the WWNWS the world's oceans are divided into 16 geographical sea areas, called NAVAREAs (NAVigational AREAs) which are identified by Roman numerals and comprises NAVTEX CRS identified by a single letter of the alphabet from A to Z.


NAVAREA limits of the WWNWS

The administration tasked with collating and distributing MSI to cover the whole of a NAVAREA is known as the NAVAREA coordinator.

I United Kingdom
II France
III Spain
IV United States of America
V Brazil
VI Argentina
VII South Africa
VIII India
IX Pakistan
X Australia
XI Japan
XII United States of America
XIII Russia
XIV New Zealand
XV Chile
XVI Peru

NAVAREA Coordinators

Details of NAVAREA Coordinators may be found in ALRS Volume 5.

WWNWS comprises 3 levels of warning:
  • NAVAREA warnings; are issued by a NAVAREA coordinator and include information required by ocean-going mariners for safe navigation. They are principally affecting main shipping routes and offshore areas within GMDSS Sea Areas A3 and A4, so they are not broadcasted via NAVTEX system but only via satellite SafetyNET system.
  • COASTAL warnings; are also issued by a national coordinator and include information required by all vessels for safe navigation within the given area. They are affecting areas up to 400 NM from a NAVTEX CRS but within the boundary agreed with adjacent national coordinator.
  • LOCAL warnings; are issued by a local coordinator; for example a port or harbour authority. They include information required for safe navigation within port or inshore waters that passing ocean-going vessels do not require.
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