Tri Watch is available on most VHF radios and operates on the same principle as Dual Watch, but this function allows the operator to monitor the VHF working channel, VHF CH 16, and the VHF user channel in a rapidly changing sequence. Tri Watch is available through "TW", "Tri" or "T/W" control only if the VHF user channel is programmed and VHF working channel is different from VHF CH 16 and VHF user channel.

Practice on VHF radio simulator

To switch to Tri Watch, select the VHF working channel and then press the T/W key. T/W appears on the display screen and the channel switches between the VHF working channel, VHF CH 16 and VHF user channel. If a transmission is received on any of the channels, the receiver stays on the channel on which the transmission is being made. To exit Tri Watch press 16 key or C key.

Selecting the VHF working channel to VHF CH 15 and selecting Tri Watch (previously defined user channel is VHF CH 06)

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