Normaly the terminal will be connected to an external GPS. This is very important because this position will be used by the Terminal to calculate the present NAVAREA in which the ship will be at that moment. Only the SafetyNET EGC messages of the present NAVAREA will be printed by the terminal. There is an option to select an additional NAVAREA, this will be used when entering a new NAVAREA within 24 hours. There is also a possibillity within the EGC system to transmit messages to a circular or rectangular area, even when this area will cover more than one NAVAREA. In this case all the satellites covering this area will transmit this call, and in this case the terminal will also print the message when it's within the limmits of this indicated area.

Transmission of SafetyNET messages to a circular area

Transmission of SafetyNET messages to a rectangular area

When there is a failure in the automatic position up date you should enter the position manualy. This position is important in relation to the EGC messages because when there is no recent position update the terminal will indicate that the position will be invalid. When the position is invalid the terminal will show/print all the EGC SagetyNET messages that will be transmitted by the satellite you are logged on to, even if they are for other NAVAREAs than your present NAVAREA. This will give you so many irrelavant information that there will be a chance of missing relevant information.

Invalid Position
Screenshot of the terminal screen showing the position status invalid.

This manual position up date should be done at least once every four hours.
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