• Release EPIRB from bulkhead bracket or enclosure when abandoning the vessel and embark the life raft.
  • In case you have manually activated EPIRB, remove "carry safe" collar from the EPIRB.
  • Uncoil the lanyard from EPIRB and tie it to the life raft.
  • Switch the EPIRB on manually using activation switch (the way to do that depends of the EPIRB model) or just throw it in water where it will be activated by the sea switch. The EPIRB is the most efficient, when floating at water.
Switching on an EPIRB
An example of switching on an EPIRB (pull the tear-off tab up, then press the activation button and slide the switch left)

EPIRB tethered to the life raft
EPIRB tied to the life raft
  • The activated EPIRB should give strobe light warning every few seconds (depends on the EPIRB model).
  • Ensure that the EPIRB is not obstructed by anything that could prevent radio signal from reaching the satellite.
In case your vessel is sinking and you have mounted automatically activated EPIRB and you don't have enough time to release EPIRB from enclosure, then the EPIRB will activate automatically when enclosure will sink enough that the EPIRB will be released from enclosure by HRU and sea switch will come in contact with water. In such case try to recover the EPIRB and tie it using its lanyard to the life raft.


The EPIRB must only be used in an emergency - in situations of grave and imminent danger.


If an EPIRB is activated by accident, it must NOT be switched off before informing a CRS or MRCC, for example with a VHF radio. Only after being instructed to do so by a CRS or MRCC may the EPIRB be switched off. The EPIRB can be switched off following this procedure:

  • Remove the EPIRB from any water and dry its sea switch
  • If the EPIRB is still flashing then it must have been turned off
    manually with the activation switch.
Switching off an EPIRB
An example of switching off an EPIRB (slide the switch right)
  • If the EPIRB is still flashing then prevent its radio signal from reaching the satellite cutting off or folding down the antenna and wraping it in metal foil, metal container or locker. Otherwise re-fit the EPIRB correctly into its mounting bracket or enclosure.

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