Like the Scan function, Memory Scan function will cycle VHF radio sequentially through the channels, but only those which have been preselected.

Practice on VHF radio simulator

Before switching on Memory Scan function, at least two channels should be added to the Memory Scan cycle. When Memory Scan function is not running channels could be added and removed from the Memory Scan cycle. For both operations select the channel to be added, then press and hold M/S softkey (double beep). To switch on Memory Scan function, press the M/S softkey.

The receiver stays on the channel on which the transmission is being made. The channel on which stays the receiver could be:

  • advanced: press Adv softkey to manually advance to the next channel in the scan sequence,
  • inhibited: press Del softkey to inhibit the channel from the scan cycle (rather than pressing Adv softkey each cycle).

To exit Memory Scan mode, press C key or 16 key.

Adding VHF CH 16, VHF CH 06 and VHF CH 15 to the Memory Scan cycle and switching Memory Scan function on

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