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NAVigational AREA - Under the WWNWS the world's oceans are divided into 16 geographical sea areas called NAVAREAs, which are identified by Roman numerals and comprise NAVTEX CRS identified by a single letter of the alphabet from A to Z.


NAVigational TELex - It is a system for transmitting MSI in GMDSS Sea Area A1 and A2.


Narrow Band Direct Printing


NCS Network Co-ordination Station. This is the land earth station within the Inmarsat Oceanan Region which is responsible for a smooth communication process. This station directs the mobile users and the Land Earth Stations to the right appointed channel.


Nautical Mile - A nautical mile or sea mile is a unit of length. It corresponds approximately to one minute of latitude along any meridian. The international standard definition is: 1 NM = 1,852 m exactly.


NOC Network Operations Centre. This centre is monitoring the entire network in relation to the communication.