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SafetyNET is a system that transmits EGC MSI messages via the Inmarsat C system which will be received by all vessels that are logged-in to the satellite
that broadcasts MSI for those international NAVAREA/METAREA's.


Search And Rescue - SAR is an operation mounted by emergency services, often well-trained volunteers, to find someone believed to be in distress, lost, sick or injured at sea, whether close to shore or not.


Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking


Search and Rescue [Radar] Transponder - It is a portable device, which is used as a complimentary distress alerting system. It enables any ship/airplane/helicopter in the area to locate survivors easily by just the use of their proper radar system.


SCC is the Satellite Control Centre. This centre is monitoring all the satellites of the entire network in relation to their proper functioning.


Ship Earth Station - Ship's device used to communicate via an Inmarsat


Simplex is the communication method where both transmitter and receiver are operating on a single (or the same) frequency. On simplex channels it isn't possible to transmit and receive simultaneously. Simplex channels are mainly used for Distress, Urgency, Safety and Routine Calling purposes, port, pilotage, harbour and inter-ship operations.


SMCP has been constructed considering the most basic knowledge of English and drafted in a simplified version of maritime English. It includes phrases for use in routine situations such as berthing as well as standard phrases and responses for use in emergency situations.


Safety Of Life At Sea - This International Convention is the most important treaty protecting the safety of merchant ships. It divides all vessels into 2 groups: SOLAS and non-SOLAS vessels. SOLAS vessels need to comply with GMDSS satellite and radio equipment carriage requirements. SOLAS vessels are all cargo ships of 300 GT and upwards and all passenger ships, with a few exceptions. Detailed SOLAS vessels definition may be found in ALRS Volume 5. Non-SOLAS vessels do not need to comply with GMDSS radio equipment carriage requirements, but will increasingly use it, because it causes an important increase in safety at sea. Some countries have incorporated GMDSS radio equipment carriage requirements into their domestic marine legislation that is valid for non-SOLAS vessels under their flag.


Short Range Certificate - Just as every driver needs a licence to drive a car, operators of marine radios also require a licence. The person operating VHF radio system sailing in GMDSS Sea Area A1 must be qualified to a minimum standard. This standard is the GMDSS SRC.

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