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The UK Hidrographic Office series of ALRS publications (6 Volumes) is
a comprehensive source of information covering all aspects of Maritime

ALRS Volume 5

Admirality List of Radio Signals Volume 5 is a publication published by The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. It contains a lot of up to date and well structured information about GMDSS:
  • Worldwide communication requirements for distress, search and rescue,
  • The only SOLAS compliant guide for GMDSS published in English,
  • Colour diagrams depicting worldwide operational DSC ranges,
  • Essential information for GMDSS students,
  • Easily updated from weekly Admirality Notices for Mariners,
  • Revised annually.


AOR-E is Atlantic Ocean Region East. This region is one of the four Inmarsat satellite coverage area's


AOR-W is Atlantic Ocean Region West. This region is one of the four Inmarsat satellite coverage area's


Automatic Request for Repetition, telex mode used to send mainly routine message from one transmitter to one receiver


CER (Character Error Rate/Ratio) : The CER, an indication of the radio signal reception property can also be added to the NAVTEX message. Usually it is added as text in the line before ZCZC indicator.


CES means a Coast Earth Station working within the Inmarsat Network providing the connection between Inmarsat mobile users to other Inmarsat mobile users or the the landbased communication network. These stations are also called LES meaning Land Earth Stations.


Coast Guard - A coast guard is a national organization responsible for various services at sea. However the term implies widely different responsibilities in different countries. In most countries is concerned with SAR (for example in the UK).


Space System for the Search of Vessels in Distress


Coast Radio Station - They are a maritime radio stations situated on shore which monitors radio distress frequencies, coordinate the radio traffic and relays ship-to-ship and ship-to-land communications. Some of CRSs are categorised as MRCCs or MRSCs or NAVTEX CRSs.

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